27,000 words’ worth of pictures

two posts in one day!! unheard of.

the féria in panajachel

shredded beef tacos/fajitas with black corn tortillas, homemade refried beans and fresh tomatoes. YUM:

a trip to the parque monterrico-hawaii on the coast:

baby sea turtles!

kids in xeabaj ii:

lucia and her family put up decorations for me and made me a special birthday lunch!

the OB staff dressed me up as “a guatemalan woman”… later a broom and a baby were added. lucia (right) is laughing at me:

at a rug hooking workshop:

some of the pictures i drew for my final presentation in xeabaj ii, depicting the group’s skills:

festival de barriletes gigantes (giant kite festival) in sumpango! it’s a día de los santos tradition. neither pictures nor words do these kites justice:

getting ready to raise one of the kites:

detail: weaver

in flight!

festivities at the sumpango cemetery, día de los santos:

my brocada weaving! i’m proud:

church in chichicastenango, on market day:

stand where i bought palitos for my loom:

in quiejel, making a special atol (corn porridge) for día de los santos:

looking (as usual) like a gringa giant with my host family in quiejel: yolanda and her 2 kids, mariela and byron:


3 responses to “27,000 words’ worth of pictures

  1. this is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. maddie. you are badass. love you.

  3. Hi Madelin!
    Do you remember me? We spent some days together in Xela, in the hostel of the dutch guy, we stayed their with the german guy, you, en myself. I was doing the internship there and funny enough, we were doing more or less the same thing. Im very interested how you’ve experienced your time in guatemala and where you stayed to learn more about weaving. I looked you up in my notebook for you email adress because i asked you to draw your face and your email.
    Let me know! Im curious,
    Greets from holland,


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