bye, dreadz!

This weekend I decided to cut off all my hair. I loved my dreads, but 3 years and 10 months was long enough, and I was ready to move on. The Indonesian heat and humidity certainly helped catalyze that decision. (I never check the weather… but finally out of curiosity I checked the Jogja report last week. 95 degrees and 82% humidity, WHAT. I learned my lesson and will not check again… I’d rather not know the details of my tropical suffering.)

Milking my last moments of serious hippie-dom for all they’re worth:

I realize that I look like a fool in this picture, but I just wanted to show how LONG they were!!

Goodbye dreadlocks.

I look like an alien.

Or maybe like a rambutan!!  (Rambutan is a popular Indonesian fruit; rambut means hair in bahasa indonesia.)

After about two hours of combing and a lot of conditioner, I had hair again! So fluffy and wavy!

I paid about $8.50 for a haircut at a fancy salon. The stylist must have sensed that I haven’t had a haircut in four years (!!!) because they gave me the wonderful shampoo + head massage + conditioner treatment before and after they cut my hair! (Possibly they just sensed that I was a dirty hippie who needed more washing. Either way, I’m ok with it.)

I’m a little sad to lose the automatic artsy identity that comes along with dreadlocks. Not so sad to lose the ubiquitous offers of weed. And I’m so excited about being cool (temperature-wise, anyway)! And running my fingers through my hair, and being able to use those amazing wire head-massage thingies, and fitting into hats again!


5 responses to “bye, dreadz!

  1. Ah! You look adorable!!!!

  2. love the hair. love it!
    although you rocked the dreads, too.

  3. You’re beautiful! Love the cut and the batik tree:)

  4. SO beautiful!

  5. so good!

    (plus i feel like the “automatic artsy identity” that you’re missing is very implicit in short hair)

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